Fish and Game Home

Alaska Department of Fish and Game

Transportation Codes
01 Airplane
02 Horse / Dog Team
03 Boat
04 3 OR 4 Wheeler
05 Snowmachine
06 Offroad Vehicle
07 Highway Vehicle
08 Foot
09 Other / Unknown
10 Airboat
Method of Take Codes
1 Ground Shooting
2 Trapping
3 Snaring
4 Other
5 Predator Control

Species Codes
Wood Bison
1 Beaver
2 Lynx
3 Otter
6 Marten
B Brown Bear
C Caribou
D Deer
E Elk
G Goat
I Bison
L Black Bear
M Moose
P Polar Bear
S Sheep
T Tundra Swan
U Unknown
V Wolverine
W Wolf
X Muskox
Herd Codes
AC Andreafsky
AD Adak
BM Beaver Mountains
BR Big River
CA Central Arctic
CC Chisana
DC Delta
DN Denali
ET Etolin
FC Forty Mile
FR Fox River
GM Galena Mountain
HZ Hodzana
KC Kilbuck
KH Kokrines
KL Kenai Lowlands
KM Kenai Mountains
KO Kodiak
KR Killy River
KU Kuskokwim Mountains
MA Macomb
ME Mentasta
MU Mulchatna
NC Nelchina
NG Nushagak Peninsula
NP Alaska Peninsula North
PC Porcupine
RM Ray Mountains
RP Rainy Pass
SM Sunshine Mountains
SP Alaska Peninsula South
TB Tustumena Beach
TE Teshekpuk
TO Tonzona
UM Unimak
WA Western Arctic
WF Wolf Mountain
WM White Mountains
XX Unknown
YC Yanert
Mountain Codes
A Alaska Range East
B Alaska Range West
C Brooks Range
D Chugach Mountains
E Kenai Mountains
F Talkeetna, Chulitna, Watana Mountains
G Tanana Hills - White Mountains
H Wrangell Mountains
J Ogilvie Mountains
U Unknown

Commercial Service Codes
1 None
2 Transport to Field
3 Non-Guided Hunting Service
4 Registered Guide
5 Lodge/Camp
6 Other