Welcome to Online Hunt Reporting

Filing your hunt reports electronically has many advantages over reporting by mail.

  • Confirmation that we have your report! If we do not, you may not be eligible for future hunts. Online reporting allows you to determine which reports you have filed and which you have not.
  • Prove you have filed your report! When you file online you will receive a certified receipt for your report by email. If there is ever a question, we will accept this receipt as proof that you filed your report.
  • Save postage money! For most hunts reported online there is no need to mail in a paper report.
  • Help reduce the cost of managing these hunts! When you file electronically, you will help save printing, postage, and labor costs.
  • NOTICE: Harvest Tickets and Permits are issued on a regulatory year basis, rather than a calendar year. For example, a Harvest Ticket for regulatory year 2023 is valid from
    July 1, 2023 - June 30, 2024.