Subsistence Hunt Application


You have reached the landing page to apply for Alaska subsistence hunts in the 2019-2020 season. These hunts are for Alaska residents only, and you must be a resident at the time of application.

For details on the hunts available, please see the Subsistence Supplements. Below is an overview explaining the three types of subsistence hunts offered.

Tier I

In the Unit 13 Tier I caribou hunt, each household is limited to one permit. An application is required for each household during the November and December application period for hunts occurring the following fall. The entire household will be restricted to hunting moose and caribou in Unit 13 for the entire regulatory year in which an application is submitted.

Tier II

Tier II hunts are held when there is not enough game to satisfy all subsistence needs. Hunters must answer questions on the application concerning their dependence on the game for their livelihood and availability of alternative resources. Applications are scored based on responses to the questionnaire and permits are issued to those with the highest scores.

Community Subsistence Harvest (CSH) Hunts

Community Subsistence Harvest (CSH) hunts are established to accommodate traditional subsistence hunting practices and create group bag limits rather than individual bag limits. Hunters who sign up for a CSH hunt will be restricted to hunting moose and/or caribou in the CSH hunt area during that same regulatory year for which they applied, except in specific circumstances. The CSH hunt requires a two-year commitment.